Links, Guides and Stats

General Guidance

All these links are to guides and documents I have either written or have sourced from other lovely people. They have all been helpful resources for social media surgeries and other workshops.

All guides are free to download, although you may need to register for some or create an account (e.g. Slideshare) to access others.

Here’s the link to my Slideshare account of talks and presentations. It probably includes slides from the workshop you have recently attended (if I’ve uploaded them quickly enough!). Many of the downloadable guides (and more) can be found on my Scribd account here.

Note – these are all listed under Creative Commons licences, so you are OK to use and share, but not to sell or change authorship (check individual documents).

Social Media Statistics – Some numbers for presentations and talks

I will be building this list if I see any more useful sites in e-mails or on Twitter. I’ve hopefully indicated the scope of these links, date produced and if they are UK or global numbers.

My Handy Crib Sheet of Social Media Tools

Guidelines for Social Media Use

All about Social Media Surgeries

Guides and resources that give an overview of Social Media

Social Media Planning / Posting / Strategy / Safety Guides

Websites  that list many websites together or link to multiple guides

These next sections are some links i’ve found to individual social media websites




Google +

Google Drive







WordPress – Getting Started Guide and links to resources by others




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